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Line 6 G30 Relay wireless. Anyone here try one yet?


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Posted this on 2.0 but all I got were crickets and tumbleweeds....


After spending a few months with a Sennheiser wireless that was actually pretty good, I ended up getting tired of never being able to adjust the gain and levels on the receiver and transmitter to match a cable. So, I decided to spend my tax refund and get one of the line 6 G30s that doesn't have any level adjustments and is supposedly completely transparent and gives you the same exact level as a cable with no need to adjust anything.


I compared the specs to a brace audio DWG 1000 but that one had a few drawbacks that I knew I'd be unhappy with in the long run so I decided to spend an extra hundred bucks and go with the line 6.


Everything I read about the Line 6 was very positive. Has anyone here tried one?

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