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  1. very nice... i have been jonesing for one of those for a while there is one hanging in a local shop here in Singapore that's calling my name but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  2. yup have a few new additions... most of my gear is still back in the states collecting dust locked away at my dads amp shop for safe-keeping and the occasional jam buy my dad or one of his customers testing an amp until I either bring it here to Singapore... I did bring over my number one... my partscaster strat with the quatersawn rosewood tele neck and ebony board with stainless frets and EMG DG20s Set with SPC... but new to the collection are a Fender Crafted in Japan ST-64-DMC with a couple upgrades (Callaham Trem with Short Arm, True Vintage Trem Springs, Bone Nut) came stock with Dimarzio pickups that sound great so it's been left stock there, it's had the pots upgraded to CTS pots and the second tone is moved to the bridge. Also picked up an acoustic as I was missing having the option without one here so I grabbed a Takamine 50th Anniversary G-Series... tweaked the saddle a bit and it plays like a dream and sounds great and last but not least been learning to play Uke so picked up a nice mid-grade Riptide uke, something that plays nice and sounds good enough to actually make you stick with it rather than a super cheap one plus its got a pickup so fun playing with some delays or whatever... Not a guitar but also picked up a ENGL GigMaster 15 to keep the neighbors hating me... unfortunately Singapore is 220V so couldn't bring any of my amps over with me and this one won't likely make it back if/when I do go back to the states. It's been great and is really versatile amp but I miss being able to use something with huge clean headroom like my Mesa Electradyne... condo life and insanity of gear prices here makes that difficult however... Last but not least there is a very special custom Telecaster with a mix of vintage and modern goodies on its way that should be here in a few days but I'll give that on its own post once its in my hands. Next on my shopping list is something les paul or sg... though likely not a gibson... so many great japanese guitars available here probably going to go with an edwards or yamaha
  3. they tend to be a bit heavy... i don't particularly like them for that reason... but otherwise they play about the same as a standard LP but have marginally better upper fret access and I find them to be a bit more comfortable to play seated... the heel is still there though so upper fret access is not as improved as they design might suggest. I'd rather have a SG any day personally.
  4. Been a while. Kinda fell off this site around the time of they switched software a few years ago... seems a bit quiet these days. Moved outta New York and back to Boston, got divorced, then married again and had another kid and now living in Singapore, still playing despite most of my gear being put away in hiding back in the states. Anyways happy New Year, hope to be making myself more present around here these days.
  5. it's one of his signature PRS guitars... haven't seen one with cross inlays before instead of birds but it's a PRS Santana
  6. gonna take another stab at this one again tonight... went through it last night and then listened to the final result and binned it... feeling a bit more inspired today
  7. If only TC stuff wasn't so ridiculously overpriced here in Singapore. Might have to pick one of these up next time in the US.
  8. in for the next generation... (all the way from Singapore this time)
  9. ... usually way more than I could ever possibly finish, probably because the only time I ever go there is if im starving late at night after being out all day doing something. Would probably inclued a grilled stuffed burrito and 5 layer burrito of some sort...
  10. I haven't worn a watch daily for years... but I often wear one if im going to a formal event or decked out in a suit for something. Usually an old Seiko Kinetic, Tissot, or the very convincing fake Breitling I picked up in Hong Kong that looks really authentic but runs slightly fast. My daily used to be this... way overkill but i liked it... you know for knowing the current altitude of the elevator car I was riding in.
  11. My favorites are Synths: Sylenth and Omnisphere Guitar: They all suck (imho) but the best one is Revalver Piano: Viena Imperial Drums: BFD2 Delay: Waves SuperTap Verb: Sonnox Oxford Reverb EQ: Sonnox Oxford EQ Comp: TRacks 670, Waves SSL Buss
  12. wow that's crazy... this is gonna have big impacts everywhere like him or not. I know for sure its gonna have rippling effects in the next year of my career (I am heavily involved in mobile development). I wonder what this means for Apple they just lost their visionary/icon. Tim Cook is not really noteworthy by comparison. I agree with the notion that Apple is fairly doomed without him. Apple is company of thousands of people... but Steve Jobs was the reason it was what it was, he is the reason it became what it was in the beginning... when he left it nearly died... and when he came back it became what it is today. I have serious doubts current exectutives of the company will be able to keep his pace or have the ability to make the right choices that he had... Apples success is not based on luck. Also I wonder how Bill Gates feels about this right now. The ying just lost its yang in terms of tech celebrity status.
  13. no it does nothing at all for me... hate the top.. the second one however... wow
  14. i did the math a while back and it was around 45k but i have sold a lot of stuff since then and moved from a huge house to a much smaller place (got divorced)
  15. Got a bunch of pedals for sale... I had posted some of these back in June before I left the country for a few months but I am back now and they are once again up for sale. Prices are PP/Shipped. Not interested in trades need cash for some work on my house. I would rather not ship international but will consider if you cover full shipping costs. Pedals will be shipped UPS Ground. All pedals have velcro on the bottom and were used exclusively in my home studio. Most have boxes and some have original paperwork. All are in excellent working condition and may have a few tiny blemishes but nothing major (excluding the beat to hell ds1) I can take close-ups for anyone interested. Ebtech Line Level Shifter $70 Dr. Scientist RRR Mini $180 Keeley Sparkle Drive $100 EHX Freeze $100 EHX Pog2 $240 Vox Big Bad Wah $180 EHX Stereo Pulsar $65 Vox Satchurator $80 Vox Ice 9 Overdrive $85 Pigtronix Echolution $360 Boss DS-1 $15 (no batter clip, local pickup only in manchester nh) Hardwire CR-7 Stereo Chorus $100 ISP Decimator G-String $175 Ethos Overdrive TLE/Classic $700
  16. got this out of a dumpster... (well my dad did and gave it to me)... 1964 Guild T100
  17. im thinking of it right now actually... just got divorced... feel like i have too much stuff gonna keep a few things and keep things lean for now
  18. i hated the Rat at first too... but with the right combo of guitar and amp... it can really sound great... its a picky pedal though
  19. my dad services magnatones quite a but in his amp shop... there are a lot around the boston area... he's got 3 or 4 in for work right now... they sound glorious
  20. salt & vinegar > mayo > ketchup on fries... mmmmmmmmm
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