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NGD x2, Sweet Craigslist Score


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So this took about 2 and a half weeks to complete but today i have both of the guitars.


Here is the story: i was really gassing for an OLP MM1 and searching craigslist. Saw a guy was selling two guitars for $100, one of which was an OLP bejie madden sig and the other being an Aria Strat. No pictures but the add said to text for pictures.


So i texted and got a picture back of a sweet Aria superstrat with an amazing looking black and red finish and the OLP. I've wanted a superstrat for a long time now and the price was right. As it turned out the guy was a few states away, so i asked if he would ship the guitars and he agreed. I was a bit weary to send a check since he had no paypal account but really wanted the Aria.


I sent him $140 for the guitars and shipping. Got both guitars today and i am so glad i went through with this.


First impressions:


OLP: He did mention that the OLP had been upgraded with an ESP humbucker (haven't checked if it's an LTD or actual ESP but it sounds fantastic) and the neck is super smooth and comfortable. Has some minor scratching and whatnot but i'm fine with it.


Aria: the finish is really cool, he did mention that it had pickups that were run on a 9v battery. I didn't pay much attention to that until i pulled the guitar out and saw the EMG logo on the humbucker! Not sure about the single coils, they are black but i don't see any remnants of the EMG logo. The neck on this thing is great and he even included a gig bag and the trem bar.


I almost felt bad about how much i paid but in talking to him he seemed happy with the money. Overall seems like it worked out on both ends, after reading so much crap about people on Craigslist it's nice to have someone hold their promise.


I was intending on keeping the Aria and selling/trading the OLP but now i'm not so sure... As much as i hate Good Charlotte i like the feel and sound of this thing.


Also if anyone has anymore info on the Aria i would appreciate it. The neck says SL series by Aria Pro II also says CGX-ST on the trussrod cover.


Of course the pics...









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