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IMHO - the world's finest bedroom/practice amp . . .

mister natural

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Roland Cube Street - still amazes me everytime I turn it on


the numbers :

2 x 6.5" speakers - slightly larger acoustic "size" than a 10" speaker

2 x 2.5 watts of paint-peeling power

2 channels - input 1 can take a mic or a line level instrument - 2 band eq - delay/reverb

- guitar input 2 has 8 cosm amp sims - 3 band eq - delay/verb - chorus/flange/phaser/trem modulation

aux line input for stereo source be-it iPod or what-have-you

stereo line out/headphone that (unfortunately) mutes the speakers


The COSM model designed to take a piezo-equiped acoustic - can't speak to as I never used it

The JC model with a slight touch of chorus & verb - I like this sound with my Strat more than I like food

The blackface mod - sounds exactly like my old Twin

The Vox emu - mehhh . . . this isn't my sound with either the Parker or my Strat

The Marshall model - I could swear that it's a Marshall

The Rectofier model - sounds like the Marshall above with a fizz-tone added - you can keep it except for the occasional lead lines where needed

There's finally a line input for the guitar input - guess if I still used pedals, that is what I might plug


ohhh . . . and there is a built-in tuner that is terrifically precise


anyone who loves their MicroCube & wants to take it to the next level needs to audition this amp. Haters who "just want to be heard", need to audition this amp


and it'll run for 15 hours on AA batteries


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My friend and I play mini-concerts on the beach to raise money for charity. I have micro cube rx, original micro cube, and Vox Da-5. He has street cube. I got the rx to keep up with his volume, but he still wins. Cube is far easier to adjust on the fly than the Vox, and better with solid body axes. Vox has a better clean sound..... could argue it all day long, like lp vs. strat. Great stuff in surprisingly small packages.

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I'll see your MicroCube and raise you the mighty Vox DA-5!


I'll see your Vox DA-5 and raise you with these!




Best practice/bedroom/recording amps in the world. I love them to death. The silvertone is the quietest at only a few watts while the Airline gets pretty loud at 5 watts :p Great vintage tube sound.

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