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Mini Review:

First off, the guys at Bass Northwest did a nice job of setting this up and everyone there was very helpful through the purchase and shipping process. I even think the strings on it are new. :eek:


The G&L is a tonal chameleon. I cannot believe the range of sounds that this is capable of. It's insane. The maple fingerboard and electronic give me "clear as a bell" notes. I've got other basses that provide the appropriate mud that I need for certain songs, but this thing is clear as day. The B string is very nice.


I'm probably going to try it out at a little jam next week so I'll get a good idea of what it sounds like with a full group. While it won't replace any of my other basses, it is a fabulous addition. For any of you out there who are on a tight budget, this is an excellent Excellent option. Though it is a matter of taste, I definitely prefer it over the Musicman Stingray, which is an excellent bass in its own rights. However for almost half the price (new), this was the right move for me.

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