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Sorry, but if I wanted to read stupid irrelevant posts I'd go to
or something...

And yes, 300 was a great movie, but that ytmnd thing? Wtf?



This isn't a "Bass Forum" it's a Forum for Bassists, really.


And we do more than play bass guitar. You will find answers to your bass questions, you will find people here who have CDs out there. You will find bassist who gig regularly. You will find bassists who own 10, 20, 30 basses.


You will find fathers. Movie enthusiasts. Beer snobs. And you will find people who just like to converse with like-minded folks.


If you want to talk about nothing but basses, go to TalkBass. They're a lovely bunch of folks. Seriously. But if you want to talk TO bassists, this is a more community, fraternal forum.

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