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Peavey Zodiac 4 BXP


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I mostly play six string, but I've been thinking of replacing my Squier P-bass.


I'm looking for something that's moderately priced, but gig-worthy. I like the idea of having both the J-style pickup and the P-style pickup.


Does anyone have any experience with the Peavey's?


Are the Peavey basses comparable to the Fender Precision Bass Specials? Seems like they have a lot of the same features, for half the price.


Thanks for the info!


(And, no, I'm not interested in buying any used basses right at this particular moment!)

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I own a Fender P Bass special. I played several Zodiacs and would really enjoy it if I could like them, but I found the output to be sterile compared to the Fenders. The Zodiac is a decent player, I just found the pickups and tonal control to be weak.

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