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OT: Gmail users....


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Here's the announcement of the gmail chat launch from last summer.

Maybe you had the "google talk" thing it's mentioning?


"when you log into Gmail you'll find a list of your most important contacts on the left-hand side of the window, and you can chat right away with those who are online. You can also save, search for, and view your chat histories just like your Gmail messages."


This has been my experience since Feb. '06. For some reason I thought I had been gmail chatting longer than that. Clearly my memory was faulty and I am retarded. In any case, I've been using the system the way it is now since Feb. '06 (and had used it without the chat function for the years before then) and I can say that it is a great system. :thu:

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I've had a Gmail account since before Google Talk came about.


When they made Google Talk, they put the interface into the Quick Contacts section, which has been there for a good few years.


I think it's kinda cool. You don't have to download it, and actually.. I only use it for one person, otherwise I use AIM, or email.


But it's still kinda cool.


Though, the new look of Gmail is starting to freak me out.. Changes are bad... For a few weeks anyways..

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