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  1. Off to eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260657545893 [edit]...and sold on eBay
  2. OD to Guitar Josh, pending payment.
  3. Shannon Overdrive - SOLD Shannon Compressor - SOLD
  4. Isn't that an NS-2500 Also, is it bolt on or neck through? Actually, it is a NS2000/5. Bolt-on neck.
  5. Great condition. Includes: Dunlop Strap Locks Gig Bag $200 shipped to the lower 48
  6. I bought this amp new and gigged with it once before switching to the NeoPak as my main amp with the 600 as my backup. I don't play out anymore, so I am cutting the backup loose. This piece is in "like new" condition and includes the original two-button foot switch. $475 shipped to the lower 48. PM for photos.
  7. You're mistaken - I described exactly as I've done it on 2 different jazz basses... One is with a series/parallel switch, the other is volume control only, no tone circuit - and neither have any noise issues whatsoever... - georgestrings Seemed to work just fine for me thanks for the idea. I had to turn down my tiny little practice amp cuz it was getting ally fuzzy like (due to the series wiring) with I plugged it in.
  8. You *might* want to consider wiring them in series - jazz pups really thump in series... In that case, you'd wire one pup hot to the jack's prong, that pup's ground to the other's hot, and the 2nd pup's ground to the jack's ring - along with the bridge ground... - georgestrings hmmmm...I may give this a try
  9. 1) Doesn't matter, but do what involves the fewest number of connections and the least length of wire. 2) The bridge should be grounded to the output jack, just as both pickups should be. Got it. Given my terrible soldering skills I am always looking to minimize the number of connections
  10. I am cobbling together a SX jazz parts bass and I don't want to bother with controls so I am going to wire the PUs straight to the jack. My questions are 1) should i solder each PU lead directly to the jack? Sr should I connect the two leads from the two PUs and then solder a single wire to the jack? Does it matter? 2) do I ground both PUs to the bridge?
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