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Aria Pro II TSB-400


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I'm not a bass player... yet. I'm not really much of a guitar player... i'm a drummer.


Anyhow, I just purchased a used Aria Pro II "Thor Sound" that i'm pretty sure i've identified as a TSB-400 w/ walnut finish. Bolt-on neck. Seems like it's in pretty good shape although there's a slight bit of corrosion on the pickups and I haven't plugged it in (or opened the back) to see if the pickups and wiring function okay.


I got it from a private seller for $80 with no case but including a hercules 3 guitar stand. I'm pretty sure I got my moneys worth (how could I go wrong for $80?) but i'm curious to see opinions on the instrument in general.


I'll post some pictures tomorrow or the day after.

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Thanks guys, I was pretty sure I got a good deal but it helps to get reassurances from people who know better. Plus it helps when I try to convince my wife I'm not filling our house with worthless junk. :)


I had found that www.matsumoku.org site yesterday, which is how I identified the guitar as a TSB-400, since it seems to be the only "Thor Sound" bass with a bolt-on neck. Which I guess means it was the bottom-end of the line.


Here are some photos. It's a nice looking guitar, but not without blemishes. The finish feels a bit rough in spots and I wonder if I could buff-and-wax to get the gloss back. I opened up the back half expecting to find it full of corrosion (the seller stored it in his unheated shed) but it looked pretty clean in there.










My problem now is that I don't own a bass amp. Any suggestions on a cheap bass amp or even just a headphone amp. I'm thinking about maybe getting a cheap Zoom bass multi-effects pedal that will drive headphones, and also have a built in tuner. (EDIT: I'm finding bass effects pedals are more $$$ than guitar effects, i'm guessing I can use my Zoom guitar pedal to drive headphones with a bass?)

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