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Can you convert any 9v active preamp power supply to 18v?

Cliff Fiscal

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What happens if it can't handle it?

Fry the circuit?




If 18V exceeds the voltage rating of the chip or the capacitors, that's quite possible. For example, if they were using 10V rated capacitors and you put 18V on them, they would eventually fail. Maybe not right away, but at some point they'd fail.


The other concern is if the circuit is using discrete transistors and the bias arrangement is set up around 9V operation. Putting 18V on there might not damage anything but it would make it work differently. Whether that affect would be good or bad ultimately depends on the particular circuit. As a designer, I like to build circuits that are tolerant of a wide variety of supply voltages. I'm sure that can't be said for every designer.

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