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I guess if you don't ask...


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i really want to agree with this but i just cannot. i've seen a number of amazing DJ's do some amazing things; there are some really excellent DJ's that exist and have extreme talent for their craft. i'm still a live band guy myself but i've seen a couple DJ's that have really made me sit back and try to figure out some of the stuff they are doing, and all the while they are getting massive crowd response.



Yeah, reading that quote obviously "anything" was the wrong word to use. And no doubt there are talented and skilled DJs. The point I was trying to make is: pretty much anything the DJ can do, a band can do as well. I've seen DJs get massive crowd response too. But I haven't seen them doing much that a band couldn't do. The problem is too many bands won't (for whatever reasons: too lazy, they think they are above some of the schtick and gimmicks) do what needs to be done.


OTHO, a DJ can NEVER be a live band.

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i wouldnt even unload the truck for $750



I can't speak for the OP.. but around here, that would mean you would be pretty much unable to play in the club/bar scene whatsoever, unless you managed to fall into a gig with an already established band. Most clubs and bars are in the $600-$700 range, with ones that have steady bands having as wide a pay gap at $400-$900. There are maybe four bands that make $900 plus, all with good followings.


Now, for a private party or wedding, expectations are different, and I totally agree with your statement. But to say "I wouldn't unload the truck for $750", is the exact same as saying "I'm pricing myself out of 95 percent of bar and club work". If that's what you're going for though, then I guess that works..

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I would have done my everything I could to talk her out of split billing. She's likely got $750+ budgeted for a DJ. I'd have offered to do the whole thing for $2,500 - and sell her on the fact that my sound system and lights top what virtually any DJ she's going to hire will deliver - and then point to band members who have experience as DJs. In our case, one of our members has some experience as an "on air" radio DJ. Even if we didn't have somebody with that level of experience - I'd point to our drummer (who's the youngest guy in the group) and tout his DJ'ing skills to the point it's short of outright lying about it.

It makes good business sense to be a "full service provider" .



THis man is right on


bring your own break music through your huge PA


for announcements you have to basically


introduce them as they walk in

say "and now the wedding couple will cut their wedding cake" or something like that

introduce speeches

(usually 3-5 and many times they introduce the next person anyway)

introduce blessing


and stuff

its a lot of little things but its like a sentence or so for each. You dont have to be hammy about it or use a stupid voice, In my experience most people dont want that.

Plus you are making money to be there anyway.

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