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Don Felders book about the Eagles?


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Tele-vania65000 wrote:

Henley was a cock

frey started out cool but became a cock

Henly hated Joe walsh, Frey loved him

Frey hated Don Felder, Henley loved him

T B Schmidt was the only one flying under the drama radar...

Now they are like kiss...strictly a business venture...henley and frey despise each other but KNOW this business, The Eagles, needs them both...so they carry on for da $$$$...Felder was just a guitar player, he did not sing ONE hit...the rest of them did...so of course to maximize $$$ they replace everyone not needed to sing the hits...Schmidt, Walsh, Frey, Henley...they all have key Eagles tunes necessary to the set list...


There's a lesson here for non-singing guitar players:


You are utterly replaceable, so shut the hell up!


Seriously though, if you don't sing, don't expect to call the shots and don't be surprised when you are sent packing for someone who can do both.


Yeah, take THAT, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robin Trower, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Richie Blackmore, Duane Allman, and Jeff Beck.......you non-singing losers!

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