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Found some Videos from 2011


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Jeff, sweet thread. I love discovering old gems. Figured this would be a good thread.


We had a video guy come out and film our one of our gigs about two years ago. He gave us a few videos soon after the performance, including this one:


He posted a few in 2011, but only those. A few weeks back, this guy gets in touch with us and tells us he has the rest of the vids. Ones from the third set especially, when things started to get a little crazy.

This band, The Scarlett Fever, was a configuration of my current band with a diff lead singer. Im on the left with the tele doing harmonies and such. This was at a gig at a university bar called Pier 21, where we are playing this weekend. I found these vids he sent me hilarious, really brought back some good times. Not the tightest performances, but this was 2 years ago :)


Blink 182- Rock Show. Friggin fun times

A weird cover of No Doubt-Sunday Morning that we worked up a few minutes before playing it.

And this beauty of a vid. People makin out all over the place, and our singer jumping up on the sub and knocking down a {censored}load of bottles hahaha.

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Then theres some from the first set when there weren't people there. Bit of a different dynamic huh


Tom Petty-You Dont Know How It Feels




Al Green-Im A Ram (Big Sugar Style). This one was for us, didn't CLEAR the dance floor i guess haha

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you might appreciate this Lee, if anyone.


Check out the amps we trucked out to this particular night.

Behind me is a huge old Garnet 2x12 with a 1972 Garnet Pro 200 Super head.

In the middle is a Garnet 412, w/ a reissue fender twin on top(apparently we needed a backup amp?), with a Pax (Garnet Stencil) Lil Rock on top of that. The Bass Player is running an old Ampeg V4 through an 810. The sound that night was dialed so beautifully, really got the party happening


We are playing this venue tonight, check out the setlist I put together y'all. Recently Ive been putting the songs into 5-song groups, flow between songs and some planned out ending/starting medleys. The sets are strict half hour (half hour band, half hour DJ for the whole night), I will prob play two of these groups per set


G=Guitar starts song, B=Bass, D=Drums


Blink 182-Rock Show (G)

Daft Punk-Get Lucky (B)

Sublime-What I Got (D)

Steve Miller-The Joker (B)

ZBB-Chicken Fried (G)



Avicii-Wake Me Up (G)

Luke Bryan-Country Girl (G)

Sugar Ray-Fly+ Arthur Theme Song (B+D)

Queen-Crazy Little Thing (G)

Sublime-Santeria (G)



The Black Keys-Lonely Boy (G)

Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison (G-riff Nick)

The Lumineers-Ho Hey (G)

Ricky Martin-Livin La Vida Loca (G)

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Sweet Home Alabama (G)



Aretha Franklin-Respect (G+D+B)

Violent Femmes-Blister In The Sun (B)

Inner Circle-Sweat (D)

The Monkees-Im A Believer (G)

Mumford + Sons- Little Lion Man (G)



Weezer-Say It Aint So (G)

OCMS-Wagon Wheel (G. Punk style ending after last verse)

MJ- Billie Jean (D+B)

MGMT-Kids (B)


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Yeah Garnet's were a Canadian made amp, most famous for the lead tone in American Woman (Garnet Herzog, kind of like an open ended Fender Champ used similar to a fuzz pedal)


The bass player also has a few other vintage Ampegs, a VT-22 (V4 Combo), and an old and heavy SVT

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