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Old live recordings


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When my cover band, Nasty Habits, split in 2011 I was both excited and bumbed. I loved playing with these guys, but writing my wn tunes was where I really wanted to be. 

The drummer gave me the cold shoulder for a few years, even at a few social functions we were at. I hate that I was the driver for the end of the band (actually, a series of circumstances on a few different fronts lead to the actual end) because I hadfelt the call of writing and somewhat dragged the rest of the guys in that direction (being the frontman and bass player plus sound guy and lighting dude did give me some pull). So I didn't feel that the cold shoulder was totally unwarranted... 

But just recently I got an email from him. He'd found a ton of old live recordings and started mixing them. He's excited to archive what he's got and is having a lot of fun going down memory lane. The first handful of songs are up! This is from 2006 (I can hear that I had not yet got my IEM's because my voice sounds hoarse on some of the tunes) - we had a keyboard player instead of 2 guitars, but I think it was not a bad night! The years to come only got better and better! 

For your listening pleasure (maybe?!?) I give you:



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