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Electronic Kit Drummers?


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jeff42 wrote:



I have one. I love it. If looks are a problem you can get bigger v drums including non roland pads. BTW I recommend Roland module and no other. a Td-12, TD-20 or even better a TD-30 drum module... and of course you have to use the vex packs because the stock sounds are a bit underwhelming.



But don't they just plain suck? I don' t know played around with some in GC and the pads were like a dynamic 1 to 10 whereas an acoustic easily has dynamics 1 to 30, I guess I didn't note the brand but it seemed the higher ups e kits were quite pricey considering you could get a entry level dw kit for less (minus cymbals of course, but they don't count, cymbals are instruments by themselves). This website you mention, I assume they are just samples or wa files or "recordings" of good quality cymbals? Thanks Jeff.

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