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2q1f5l2.jpgso decided to add a bit of sparkle for Christmas Day and ended up looking more camp than a row of tents. All went well until I announced that the next song was Fairytale of New York and as I didn't have a Kirsty McColl handy I was going to sing it alone but would welcome the crowd singing the "well so could anyone" line. I even had a jokey fun rehearsal with them, great crowd, well oiled, all joined in and then.... A woman who must have been seventy if she was a day and drunk as they guy in the song stormed up to me and shouted "it's alright, it's alright, I will sing it with you" turned quickly to face the audience and shouted "you lot keep quiet" and that is when the Christmas spirit lent a hand and without another word she staggered off to the toilets later to be seen being helped into a taxi.
This is my first year on this forum and have learned so much from the much more experienced folk here. All the very best to you all and hope you all have a prosperous new year.
Cheers Steve
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