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Speaker resistance question.

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I asked this question in the amp forum and got good responses except for the last part of it. Can anyone here help?


My solid state power amp is 120 watts /side @4ohms.


I currently have 2 16 ohms speakers at 75 watts in there but want more power and i know SS amps don't deliver all their power at too high a resistance.


If i get 2x 8ohms cones at 75 watts each will i be ok? Will i get the extra volume and avoid blowing my speakers? I'm assuming that at 8ohms/ side the power amp delivers around 100 watts / side and i'm worried it will not be safe to use that much power into those speakers.


The amp is a Marshall VS120/120. The cab is a 2x12 Marshall with 16ohm G12T-75's in. I'm looking at swapping them for 8 ohm ones.

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