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Rocktron All Access VS DMC Ground Control Pro & GCX

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Hey folks, I am currently deciding between these two MIDI controllers, and need your help.


I'll add more info later. But for now I'll say I need good amp channel switching and stereo relay switching as well as easy to programme MIDI switching (not sure what effects rack to get yet).

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Alright, I'll explain things a bit better this time, sorry.



I have three amplifiers- a Mesa/Boogie MarkIV, an Engl Fireball, and a Roland Jazz Chorus 120 combo amp. The MarkIV and Fireball each go into their own 4x12 cab.


I have a small set of pedals which I use to split my signal to the MarkIV and Fireball, and for instant effects. The MarkIV is pretty much dry for effects apart from occasional delay, and the Fireball has a POG and a chorus pedal in front of it.


The problem is, I have no means to split the signal to the Jazz Chorus, no way to switch out the Jazz Chorus, and have to tap dance to change amp channels on the other two amps. Also I want to run a rack effects unit in the loop of the Fireball, and switch presets via MIDI.


I've decided that no matter what, I want to continue the pedal system for splitting the signal to the MarkIV and Fireball. I am happy with the sound regardless of any buffer issues etc.


The unit definitely needs to be able to split the signal to the Jazz Chorus, and the pedal train which further splits the signal for the other two amps.



What I need is something that has an array of footswitches, where each footswitch is simultaneously capable of:-




Change presets on the rack effects unit (eg. a G-Major)


Switch in/out the Jazz Chorus


Change channels on the MarkIV


Change channels via a stereo relay on the Fireball


Switch in/out the effects loop & graphic EQ on the MarkIV




Now, I am quite sure that the DMC Ground Control Pro and GCX Switcher can do this. But I have also found out about the Rocktron.



Which do you think would suit my purpose better? Please help me.

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