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  1. I am bumping this, because I just got one and was very happy with it. It's 95% of the way there with most of the effects. It you like TC chorus, TC Phase, and other TC style modulation -- the pedal will make you happy. For the money, it is awesome, and doesn't take up too much board space. it's the only digital piece on my pedalboard, and gets warmed a little by the MXR carbon copy running directly after it. The thru-zero flange is COOL.....it's not a Foxrox TZF.....but it IS thru-zero flange. Both the standard chorus and the tri-chorus are damn good. It's the polar opposite of the AM chorus -- which is my fave analog chorus. Also VERY tweakable. Phase is good. reminds me of the phaser XII that TC used to make. A little "crispy" with my dirt pedals, but not too bad. But I remember the pedal version sounding similar. Trem is workable and sounds nice, so does vibrato. Very cool method to switch presets with your feet, takes a minute to learn, then you're good. I may use 3-4 presets. It's replacing several things on my working board. I like it. analog dirt and filters -- digital modulation -- analog delay -- tube amp. the Nova Modulator is so good it's making me consider the delay as well! Thanks for that Bobby. Although, I gotta say now that I am very anti-TC, so this wouldn't be the pedal for me.
  2. I really like my Worm pedal. The phasing is lovely and rich & deep, the mod-wah is pretty fun and quirky and the tremolo is nice and warm & pulsating. Very nice vibrato too. It clips a bit when I play, but I don't mind that too much at the moment.
  3. Move your mouse all over the pictures to play the pedals! www.lovetone.com/pedals.html Man I always love checking this page out! So much fun If I had the cash to throw around and not as many pedals as I currently own, I wouldn't mind trying out or getting a Doppelganger.
  4. DD-20 by far. It's so good I wouldn't even sell my DD-20 for an SMMw/H.
  5. I tried it once in a music shop and it sounded rather buzzy. I wouldn't mind trying it again to get a better understanding of it. In theory it's a great idea.
  6. Originally Posted by VanHalen Who made this one? I think it was either Pepi/BB or Isvoid. I may have added the stripes.
  7. Hahaha! This is reminding me of how a consultant rung up my work to talk to somebody else about water pumps. I had to rush off but answered the call and she just kept talking and talking and talking, she had a really strong Irish accent and sounded hot as {censored} so I'm just like and want to listen to it all day even though I can barely understand a word of what she said. She happened to be an area manager for her company then started chatting me up about what I do there, since I said I have barely anything to do with the pump machinery on-site. She rang again a week later to speak to the relevant person but I just hogged the phone and talked again for a good 15 minutes! She said she was going to visit the site so I gave her my work email address so she could email me and then I sent her a map so she could find her way to the site. Unfortunately she got busy so couldn't come last week, hopefully she'll be here next week. I think I need to give her an address for a pub where we can both go have a few pints together... Now how's that for customer service? They help you even though you have nothing to do with what they serve for! I didn't think that was creepy. But I do reckon it would be annoying if a company kept calling you about stuff that you didn't enquire about or after a deal is closed. Maintaining good business relations can be tricky sometimes. A balance is needed.
  8. and why did you bump this? :poke: So naturally, I am interested in what Chrismeg7 has tried, and constantly on the search into what other people are thinking of and doing with this kind of sound effect. It's called research.
  9. I thinks it is a good idea. I have never tried. I always followed the rules of chorus. I think I will try it today. Cool, let us know how it goes .
  10. Since I bought my Boss CE-5 I put it after my Big Muff but I always liked it better with my amps built in distortion, which means the chorus is first because dont use loops. So I just tried it BEFORE my Big Muff and I like it a lot better. The effect sounds a bit cooler actually and I dont get a big increase in volume like you do when it is after. So I have decided I like chorus before distortion/fuzz. Am I the only one? Nope, you're not the only one at all. Chorus is my most favourite effect, I love it. And I much prefer it in front of my amp. It has a darker, complex edge to it. I really don't like using chorus in the effects loop- it sounds way too 1980s-style. The only way I can like using chorus post-distortion is by running an overdriven amp signal into the effects return of my Roland Jazz Chorus 120 combo amp, somehow it doesn't seem as cheesey & dated.
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