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  1. I might be remembering incorrectly here, but I seem to recall an interview with Munky and Head in Guitar World not long after they released their first album, discussing the acquisition of their 7-strings. The story goes that both of theirs had originally belonged to Vai, which he had originally strung with a High A string. He got rid of them, and they picked them up in a pawn shop in Cali, stuck a low string on, and numetaled their way to the bank... Vai never used a high A string. The shop that they bought them from might have strung them that way. Nor were theirs vai's actual guitars. They were his sig model universe which was the only production 7 (out of production at the time) available to anyone. Vai's Passion and Warfare and Whitesnake's Slip of the Tongue both have the UV777 all over them and clearly use the low B. -W
  2. I always thought Vai was the one who popularized them, but I'd imagine some jazz guy was the first. Yep. He used them on Slip of the Tongue, so I guess you could say Whitesnake. BUT! Seven string guitars were VERY common in Russia and Ukraine for centuries, I'm sure there were gypsy bands using them long before rock. There was some dweeb who had a 7 string in the early 80s with a high a string but I don't think he was in a band. -W
  3. Will do. $2850 shipped. New fish or old fish? Red fish, blue fish? -W
  4. Sorry to hear...I remember you talking about your XTC in the past...hopefully you can get one again in the future...You really like the AFX too? I'm looking to get something to compliment my XTC, because my band is going to record soon and it's between a Soldano Avenger, Bogner Fish and the new Uberschall which still a few weeks off. I've made myself a promise that I will definitely buy another XTC in the future. I kept the AFX because right now I'm doing more recording then gigging so it made sense. I still have a Triamp mkII that works just fine for gigging and even recording. The AFX sounds very nice and has good tones in it. I used it for FX with the XTC live and it worked great for that. It's no replacement for the XTC though. The stuff my bands are working on right now just didn't call for the XTC so keeping it was a purely selfish act anyway. Some day. -W
  5. Well, what I meant is that the gain is coming from the preamp and not meant to be altered by power amp much. Idk, when I hear this Fish clip, I agree it doesn't seem to have that nice bloom that the XTC does. I never really liked VHT amps due to the lack of even order harmonics and stiffness. I talked to someone who used a Fish with his XTC 100A and said it worked real well with it. Yep. I had to sell my XTC recently to pay property taxes, but I really loved that amp. I could get some good tones running my axe-FX through it's poweramp. Having an amp-gizmo with it let me switch the poweramp modes to go from tight to loose for added diversity. I really wish I still had it now that the AFX has a uberschall model. I'm thinking that it could really emulate the fish nicely with that now. -W
  6. I heard this from a few guys, especially on HRI. Star have you ever tried a 2/90/2 or a 2150? I find that the headroom on those amps really add the frosting to the cake. I've never tried a 2/50/2, but I've heard it through a 2100. I agree about the sag comments though. I haven't, though I'd love to try it through a 2150. I did have a 2/90/2 for a while but it was after I had the fish (used a GP3 and RM4 through it). I liked the 2/50/2 better, but probably because I'm an EL34/KT77 kinda guy. I like poweramp coloration, the KT88's were just too pure for me. It comes down to prefrence, and that's where the preamp/poweramp thing can really shine, since you can mix and match to suit your personal taste. Kinda makes you wish Bogner or someone would make a good, saggy, El34 based rack mountable poweramp. -W
  7. Yeah, from talking to Bogner I found that the Fish gets it sound/gain overwhelmingly from the preamp. Well that would make sense since the fish is just a preamp I think that the good poweramps, like VHT and even mesa to a lesser degree are just such solid and overengineered poweramps that they're not designed to really color the tone. They're designed to provide clear reproductions of whatever is sent into them. When a designer designs an entire amp, they can tweak the poweramp to fit in with what they intended the amp to sound like. In the case of the XTC, there is a good bit of sag built into the poweramp. There isn't a VHT amp built that has any sag what so ever. That's where the bloom and even order harmonics that people attribute to the XTC come from, the poweramp, not the preamp. Honestly, you can set the switches and knobs on the XTC any old way, and still manage to coax out whatever tone you want with your fingers and playing style from it. I couldn't do that with the Fish/VHT combo. -W
  8. I owned a Fish and a 101B. I honestly thought the Fish was sterile in comparison (I was running it with a VHT 2/50/2). The XTC was more open and definitely more 3d sounding. Notes bloomed much better on the XTC. Honestly I think 1/3 of the XTC mojo is in the poweramp. Without it you sort of loose the point of the whole thing. -W
  9. For Sale: RG7CST - Ibanez 7 string with Piezo double-edge bridge Description The RG7CST is a top-of-the-line Ibanez J-Custom guitar of which only about 24 were ever produced. This beast features a mahogany back and a flamed maple top, two Dimarzio humbuckers and the "Holy Grail" 7-string Double Edge Piezo Tremolo system. The UV shaped neck is constructed of a three piece maple laminate with an ebony fretboard with no inlays and extra hard jumbo frets. Needless to say, this guitar sounds amazing. Condition This guitar is in excellent condition. The flame top and hardware are in great condition and the neck and fretboard have very little wear. The bridge is basically mint. Take a look at the photos, as this has one of the best book-matched flames I've seen. The mid-point between the two flame halves is almost invisible and seamless, making the top look like one solid sheet of perfect maple. The ebony fretboard is jet black and has been well oiled and shows no signs of wear. There are two minor chips in the clearcoat on the top between the bridge pickup and the trem cavidy, and the back has a few dings (all visible in the photos), I'd say overall the guitar is at least a 9/10. Pickups: Dimarzio Air Norton 7 in the neck and Evolution 7 in the bridge It comes with a plush Ibanez hardshell case. The case has seen better days but is sound and functional. The interior of the case is mint. Why am I selling it? Unfortunately I need the money. I use this guitar mostly in the studio these days (though I have gigged with it) and my carvin 7s are getting more use. I'm hoping a SS.org member will pick this beauty up before I have to go to ebay with it. I'm asking $2900 for everything: guitar, case, along with free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. (U.S. only) Sorry, no trades. I accept PayPal. International buyers will have to pay shipping. Send me a Private Message if interested. -W
  10. I wonder if you had some method of aerating the pulp if it would be better at sound absorption. One would think that density is not better in this application. It's very intriguing stuff and I'm very tempted to experiment with it on my own. Now I need to find someone to make foam molds. -W
  11. Aside from the muting thingy, how is this different from a really high-priced sustainer equiped guitar? -W
  12. Probably my Bogner 101B. If I had to replace it though, my RG7cst would probably cost more. -W
  13. You buy your $10,000 dream rig, stick it on your card, and bring it back for a refund the next day. Welcome to America. -W
  14. Pedals are a fashion trend, not a method to great tone. It's a handout to the small shops and individual contributers, not a means to purchase a superior tone solution. The good part is that music is art, not an exercise in efficiency, so you're free to use whatever you want. If you want to draw on the sidewalk with chalk, go for it. If you want to cut diamonds, have at it. -W
  15. Peterson stroborack or just stick with a pedal. -W
  16. Here's a few (I'm far left on the first one. Apparently I don't change my pants between shows): LoNero -W
  17. Trent Reznor Fuzz covers such a wide tonal swath, your answers are going to be as varied as the genres that utilize it. -W
  18. Congrats! It's a great piece of gear. The fractal forums are very helpful. Make sure you keep your firmware up to date, Cliff, the designer, is constantly improving things and adding new features. Here's my rig. I still use a real amp but I have several patches I use live that use modeling directly into the bogners poweramp. I also have patches that blend the fractal preamps with the bogners (love the switchblade). -W
  19. There are a few tricks to using velcro successfully. First: clean the surfaces with alcohol before applying the velcro. Second: cover the entire floorboard with velcro. For the PT, its easy to just lay down strips across the bars end to end. Third: Don't use industrial strength velcro. The velcro hooks are stronger, but the "glue" is the same as regular strength velcro. The glue is the weak point, not the velcro. Fourth: Don't cover your pedals in velcro. The whole bottom doesn't need to be covered. Just put two 1/2 width strips at either end and it's plenty for the pedals to remain stuck to the board without giving yourself a hernia to get them off. Fifth: If a pedal is stuck, slide a spatula between the velcro and it will come off easy. Don't pull or twist the pedal too hard as you'll just peel the glue off and have a big mess. If your pedals are already covered, use a lighter to burn off extra hooks. -W
  20. Bob Bradshaw is renown for making kickass guitar systems. Pete Cornish is renown for making systems for kickass guitar players. -W
  21. I've gone for soft My soft case ripped on it's first outing. Beware sharp corners and sharp pedals. The zipper is now broke so it no longer sees action. I've a second pro with the hardshell case on order. I need a second pedalboard anyway for my rack/FX1 rig. I'll share the hardcase between them. -W
  22. This thing is great. I've always wanted a way to trip mostly-drunk jam-band guitarists while they were on stage. With this thing, they'll trip themselves trying to play whilst standing on one foot. -W
  23. FGII is silicon, FF is geranium. Two very different animals. It really depends on what you're trying to accomplish and what provisions your signal chain has (FF generally sounds like ass anywhere but first in a signal path). -W
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