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How was everyone's summer?


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Almost every solo artist I know had a very busy summer up my way. As one guy said, it went from no work to too much work. I actually had to turn down a few gigs, including a last minute call (Covid cancellation) for today. It's not that I'm rich by any means, it's that my fingers needed a rest. Now, will Fall be back to nothingville? I guess time will tell, but the gigs were nice to have while they lasted, and for me at least, many were outside. Bonus.

Speaking of work... Happy Labor/Labour Day!

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Here, in Florida/USA the summers are incredibly slow. In a normal year, if I get 4 gigs a month from June to October, it's a lot.

Since last February I've been doing 15-18 gigs a month. When June came, it didn't slow down. Here it is September and I have 16.

September is usually dead time. There have been 2 gig Septembers in the past.

I don't know what happened, but I feel very lucky. After almost 2 years of no gigs due to COVID, this feels really, really good.

All but a couple of the gigs have been outdoors, which is good for health reasons.

And Happy Labour/Labor Day to you too!


Notes ♫

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