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A weird internet collaboration story

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Hey folks,

hope I'm in the right forum. Please feel free to move this around if it's not the right place.

I was playing in an internet band, which was recording cover versions of famous songs.

We were quite productive and it was a big combo, even with horns, strings etc.

Anyway we were working on a completely new arrangement for a cover.

This new arrangement was based on some really funky bass phrases- quite in-style for the genre.

The band's manager told me that for some strange reason, the bass player got a kind of a curse and couldn't groove with this song.

He told me the bassist recorded some hundred takes and they were all missing the point of the groove and arrangement or were wrong for the song.

The manager didn't want to insult the bassist, who's a busy working musician, but admittedly mostly for stage. So the manager didn't say a word.

So I told the manager, I'll just record bass with my keyboard, to demonstrate the proper groove patterns. And also to avoid hurting his ego- I'll deliberately play some mistakes in.

So I did it- the bassist heard it- changed his groove and it was recorded perfectly within a few hours/days.

And the song grooved and got massive following.


So what's the funny part?

That until this very day, years later, this bass player is butt-hurt over this incident and would passive-aggressively mistreat me on social media.

As they say "no good did goes unpunished" 



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