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  1. Thanks for listening to it! Anything specific thing you can say? 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Hi there, please let me know what you think. I prefer not to tell my thoughts first, because don't want you to tell me what I want to hear... I will elaborate later on, after there will be some feedback. Thanks!
  3. a news update from that band: After I've left, they've deteriorated. I've heard from a friend that they begged her to remove a video of the concert, because the band played awful. A few months later, the dude that wouldn't let me do a soundcheck, had an argument with the singer and left. She was repeatedly talking to me as a friend, asking me to have a beer, immediately following with orders to play concerts the following day 😕 The band has stopped working altogether. What used to be our group photo, is now the name of the band in big letters. The singer is still running around, producing video clips with professional photographers and dancers.
  4. I don't know if it's stage fright per se, but I find that my solos are better at home. Other than that, I feel better onstage, than being a guest at a party. If there is any anxiety, it's in the hours before, worrying I've forgotten an important cable at home etc.
  5. Hi Guys, I play in a band where there is no common language that everybody understand. I proposed that I will setup a home studio, using only hardware that we all already own. I invested several months reading all the user manuals, getting info (which mics, headphone amps, audio interfaces, mixers). Then I came up with a plan how to connect it all to be able to record 20 tracks to a PC in parallel. Then I started recording trial takes with other band members and it all went just fine. Now comes the singer and says, I know nothing about all this technical stuff. Therefore I appoint a friend of mine who tells me he's an expert sound engineer, and he will manage you and everybody else on my behalf. I've set up a WhatsApp group and since June I'm writing there what are we planning, how we will connect the equipment etc. To date, the guy hasn't written a single word, even though he's reading it all. Also when I address him in person, he is silent and consistently keeps ignoring me. Recently the singer told me "the guy said we are all set up and ready to go". No information is available what is going on and what the guy is planning. Most likely, by the little info I've got, he's planning to use a mixer to put all instruments into one stereo mix and that's it- like in a rehearsal room. Man, am I frustrated or what? Every attempt to communicate is a failure. THIS: I explain what's the difference between taking 20 instruments and committing them to a rough mix versus having 20 separate tracks that you can mix later on. It all falls on deaf ears. No one has enough language skills to understand that one sentence (where I wrote THIS). I think it adds insult to injury when the singer says "why do you have to be so bitter about this? Just shut up and play when you're told to". My next step is to explain all this to a guy who can talk to all these guys in their mother tongue. It that doesn't help, I guess I will leave the band.
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