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UAD Volt 2/76 DAW Question

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I just recently switched my DAW to UAD Volt 2/76, and I have some noise, and my sound has some digital "sound.

I wonder if I am just recording incorrectly.

If anyone has experience with this DAW, and its nuances, and proper set-up and use, your assistance is much appreciated.

Attached is my recording using the DAW.

A 1967 song by Dennis Yost, titled Stormy.

Thanks in advance.



Pray for Peace in Ukraine!




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On 3/16/2022 at 12:48 AM, Rene Asologuitar said:

I just recently switched my DAW to UAD Volt 2/76

The Volt 276 is a recording interface, a piece of hardware. It's the device that takes your audio signal and "translates" it into digital to be stored and processed in the computer. The DAW software that's included is called Ableton Live 11 Lite. You do not have to use Ableton with your new interface, in all likelihood your previous DAW software will  work with your new interface, you just have to set up your DAW's "preferences" in the program. Modern recording interfaces generally work with any DAW that supports their operating system (computer type). 

In any case, your recording and performance are pretty good, but I do hear what sounds like a super-short digital delay or "chorusing" type sound. I'm not very familiar with Ableton but read their manual about "input monitoring" as sometimes settings can allow a signal to be "doubled" like I'm hearing. 

Or just try seeing if you can record using your old DAW. 

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