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Smaller tube amp with smaller speaker vs bigger hybrid amp

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Hi all, this is a little bit general question but I need all the advice. I am planning to replace my Marshall Valvestate 8240 2x12 amp because it is pain in the ass to take everytime to shows, although I love the tone. I am thinking of buying some small head tube amp and maybe and smaller cab. I love Marshall tone and like to use drive from the amp and playing AC/DC, GnR etc in pubs. Changing amp to something smaller a little bit worries me although I am upgrading from hybrid to tube.

I am worried about decreasing number of speaker and maybe the size, (from 2x12 to 1x?), will cause lose of tone in the sound. What do you think about it ? How will be the result if I decrease speaker size but move to tube amp instead ? What if I mic the speaker to PA ? 

I would also appreciate if you have any advice for small tube amp and cab combination for gigs ?

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Once you mic and amp up to a PA the whole game changes. Your amp kind of becomes your monitor for your guitar tones. Nothing more nothing less.

I looked up your Marshall and it's an 80 watt stereo amp. The stereo part is probably in the chorus. 50lbs which isn't super heavy. 

10" speakers tend to not have the bass responds on a 12" speaker, but that is not always the case.


You could do a single 12" cab and then a head.

There's company's like Quilter tat make these pretty small amp that are really light and nice. I was thinking of getting one, but I wasn't sure which one would be best for me.

You can add a ext. cab later if you need too.


I personally have a ton of amps, for almost any occasion. 












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