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Small Amp for Peavey Impluse II Monitors

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Well while I am saving up to buy some decent monitors for the front of the stage, I am going to try to make the best of what we have on the other side of the spectrum. Right now the Drummer, Bass, and Second guitar which are all scattered at different parts of the stage all share the same monitor mix with the other two front monitors.. What I would like to do is get a small 4 channel amp so I can give each of the hot spots their own mix and have an extra channel for another if they decide to add one.... In all reality I'd really like to get rid of the hot spots, but they seem to like them so to make them useable I need a cheap amp that will put out 50 watts continuous, 100 watts program, 200 watts peak @ 16 ohms. Not much power at all really..


Any recommendations.. I need something cheap as I have already spend almost 200 in the last few days just getting all the stage wiring cleaned up.. I have reran xlr cables to 4 dual female jacks in the floor, installed a power socket for the front guitar player to use with his pedals to eliminate an extension cord, added 2 D.I.s for Bass and Keyboard.. Not time to finish getting the back line up to par until I can afford better front line monitors.


Its finally time to use the other 4 aux send this 32fx has. Thanks.

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