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How do I make a downloadable single and Youtube?

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Hey, Phil!


I want to apply for this: John O'Hara grant


So I'm wondering about hurdles 6 and 7:


- How do I make my AIFF file downloadable?


- How do I make a Youtube (probably with some JPEG images fading in and out)?


What do you know? Where can I find out?



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Okay, let's see...


6. Song must be released for download (free or paid, on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, or other similar platforms). Your song entry must be a finished Single, or part of an EP, or full-length recording.


I wonder if Soundcloud would qualify? I'd ask... that would be relatively easy to do. Otherwise, you're going to have to get it up on Bandcamp - which would probably be the next easiest platform. As far as how, you'll have to go to their respective websites and do some research into that. You'll need to sign up, sign the various agreements that they require, submit / upload your songs...



7. Studio version of your song must be on YouTube (not a live performance).


You could mime to a "studio" recording for the video, or you could do something with basic photo images as a collage. You can get as artsy as you want here... and if the video somehow "works" with the song and helps to convey the emotion and storyline, that would be beneficial IMO.


Do you have an iPad? If so, a really inexpensive and easy to learn / use video editing program called Pinnacle Pro would work to do the video shooting and editing, and it can upload directly to your YouTube account too.


Let's go back a bit - first of all, do you have a couple of songs professionally recorded and mixed down that meet their arrangement (no drums, sparse arrangements, strong story line and vocals, etc.) requirements? It can be DIY recording and mix if it's pro-level in terms of recording quality...


Do you have a DAW program and / or a stereo editing program like Sound Forge or Wavelab? If so, you can easily do the conversion with those, or you can do it with iTunes if you have a 16 bit mixdown of the song you want to use.


Also, do you already have a YouTube channel? If not, those two things are the first things you'll want to take care of. Converting an existing 16 or 24 bit WAV file to AIF is a chinch...





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