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[ADVICES] Lights Controlled from Stage (Bar/Clubs) - What I'm Trying To Do


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Hi Everybody,


Brand New here, I've been browsing Harmony Central's Forums for a few days now, and you guys are great, lots of Topics have provided me tons of valuable informations, so thank you all for that. But I've decided to Post my own thing & collect some advices from you, Lights Gurus, to accomplish my band's LightShow Project.

So I hope it's not too late to join the Family & that you'll be able to enlighten me. [Pun intended]


So Yeah, I'm diving into the DMX World for the First time, [someone has to do it...]. I've found plenty of informations here & around the Internet but yet, I still got Questions that has been left unanswered, aside to the fact that I'm asking for some help to accomplish the vision I have. [to Light my Band the Best way I possibly can with our Budget]


Speaking of Budget, first things first, I'm planning on a ~1500€ Budget. [Roughly $1800]

But aside from which Fixtures/Lights I'm going to buy, this topic is mostly about DMX's complex world.


So here we go, the Goal is as follow :

  • Be able to Control all the Lights, from Stage (in Bars/Clubs), via a MIDI Footswitch (Like the FCB1010).
    • I know Soundlight & StratGuy22 have helped many people on this particular subject, I've already red many of their Posts, which includes the FCB1010. I believe StratGuy22 was using that method, but I kind of need an Updated Version regarding this System.

  • I need something that allows me to configure :
    • [bANK 1 = SONG 1] 8 or 10 Scenes are in this Bank : [(Scene 1) Intro - (Scene 2) Verse - (Scene 3) Chorus - (Scene 4) Solo - (Scene 5) Ending] - Etc
    • [bANK 2 = SONG 2] 8 or 10 Scenes are in this Bank : [(Scene 1) Intro - (Scene 2) Verse - (Scene 3) Chorus - (Scene 4) Solo - (Scene 5) Ending] - Etc
    • If possible I'd like to push it a little bit further with : Intro - Verse - Pre-Chorus - Chorus - Bridge - Solo - Ending

  • Like StratGuy22 :
    • I'd like to be able to Dimm every Lights to Blackout via the Expression Pedal at the end of SONG 1.
    • Then, Tap Up to bring BANK 2, Select "Intro Scene", then Dimm every Lights Back On with the Expression Pedal. So on & so forth through the whole Setlist. (let's 20 Songs)
    • I've seen he managed to set the Second Pedal to trigger his Hazer so I'd like to do that aswell.

  • Extras
    • If possible, when I set a Scene, say the Solo Scene with its own Colors >>> Be able to bring a Strobe effect at the pinacle of exitement.
    • Or when the Drummer lose control of himself basically. :lol:

Ok so let's stop here for now & Resume a little bit :

Basically, StratGuy22 Setup seems to be what I'm looking for, maybe I wanna push it just a bit more, but the main thing is that he is running everything via a Computer.


But I want a DMX Controller instead, that will allow me to do all of this with the FCB1010 Footswitch (or something similar with One or Two Expressions Pedals for Blackouts).


So my First Question is : Which DMX Controller would you advice me to get, in order to accomplish all of this ? Maybe this could help :


[ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tSTAGE.png Views:\t1 Size:\t16.4 KB ID:\t32122750","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"32122750","data-size":"full","title":"STAGE.png"}[/ATTACH]


Thank a lot, I'll take any advices you can provide me, & build on the conversation with you from there.


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