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Songwriter contracts with libraries

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I just joined this forum, so hey, everyone!



I'm hoping someone here could share some of their experiences with music libraries.



Currently, I get hired by producers to write lyrics and toplines to their songs, either through an ownership split or work-for-hire with a buyout fee, both of which are pretty straightforward contracts.



Now, since I have a lot of leftover songs, so I've decided to look into production music libraries, hoping to get some synchs.



In checking out the non-exclusive libraries, I've read over some contracts, which are definitely not as simple as a work-for-hire or split.



I'm not an attorney, but I'm not thrilled with what I read. Particularly the three-year duration and the clauses granting them rights to change the composition itself, including titles and the music itself. I know there are legitimate reasons for this, but overall, music libraries are foreign worlds to me. I also don't personally know anyone who's done it SUCCESSFULLY; the people I know submitted music to libraries and never heard from them again.



Have any of you ever dealt with them? Any issues with their contracts? If there was a problem, was it resolved at all?



I've seen a lot of online articles about this, but it's always better to hear from people who have actually gone THROUGH it.



Thanks for reading,




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try a search on music libraries, or on TAXI in the forum, I know we have discussed it in here but not recently.

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