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Cool venue; interesting break entertainment!

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Played a private event over the weekend at San Francisco's Ruby Skye Nightclub. Nice, beautiful old ballroom type décor. One of those places where after we finish we have to load out in a hurry because the place turns into a nightclub and we're loading out into the street through the lines of beautiful young people waiting to get in to be served $250 bottles of Grey Goose or whatnot.


Venue has this massive setup of older EAW speakers set up all around the place. Was kind of nice to patch into that and feel the huge sound filling the place. And they had a giant video screen behind us for us to use. They were really cool about helping us use whatever they had. Many times these private events don't allow you access to any of the house equipment. This one came with equipment and technicians.


During our breaks they had acrobat acts perform on the dance floor. THAT was a first, for sure!
























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