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Pickups, necks, bodies FS


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Heartfield Talon

Includes neck, body, tuners, locking nut, trem, case, pickguard and pickguard blank. The shop routed the pickguard incorrectly when I added a humbucker to the neck so the guard is routed for a triple at the neck but the body is only routed for a standard bucker. Body cavities are still the original blue color, the rest is stripped bare and oiled. There is a ding behind the trem where an allen wrench dug into the body. Played great last time I used it but it has been sitting in the case for a couple years now and deserves a real home. $100 plus shipping



Gold parts o' caster

Not entirely sure I want to sell this but throwing it up anyway. Left neck, not a reverse, Rio Grande half breeds in all three slots.Paint shipping near the neck joint and I'll throw in the tweed case. This is the last guitar I assembled when I was still doing that kind of thing on a regular basis. $750 plus shipping





Two DiMarzio HS3 w/white covers very long leads $25 each ***SOLD***

There may be a third one around here somewhere, I''ll keep looking


DiMarzio DP153 black Fred 5" leads $30


Seymour Duncan unmarked Alnico II 8" leads $30


Ibanez V1 Humbucker black 9" leads $10

Ibanez S1 single coil black 8" leads $10




Strat style neck with black tuners $75

Ibanez RG570 neck with maroon headstock, black tuners and locking nut two small cracks on the back right at the locking nut. There were no problems last time this was used on a guitar. Pics will be posted as soon as my camera charges. $75



Ibanez RG560 paint stripped and sprayed badly. Will need sanded, primed and painted. $100

Strat copy very pale blue with silver metal flake, routed for any pickup combination. Picked up on eBay and never put it to use. includes bridge and back cover. $50








Prices do not include shipping, pics will be up in a day or so.

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geeko is in line for the HS3s, the alnico II is a full-size bucker and I'll cover shipping if you want the Fred and Alnico II.


Sorry for the lack of pics guys, got a concussion in my hockey game and still not feeling well. Hopefully sometime Friday they will be up.

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