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Sabian 13" EQ Hats FS


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I have a pair of Sabain 13" EQ hats for sale.

top cymbal is flat, bottom has 2 holes on the bell and 4 'cut outs' to prevent air lock.

Both cymbals are heavy. Great for funk or loud, cutting applications. I used these as my main hats for years and loved them but I've moved on to a different pair.


The bottom cymbal has very minor cracking at 2 of the cut outs. They've been like that for a long time without ever getting any worse and it doesn't seem to have affected the sound at all. The top cymbal has some key holing, again minor, and no cracks.


These baby's are high pitched, quick and very funky. Great as main hats or auxiliaries.


Reduced to $90.00 shipped to the lower 48.


















The last 3 pics above are of 1 of the 2 cut out cracks. I couldn't get a clear enough pic of the other one, this is the worst of the two. The crack is about 3/8's of a inch long and worse on the top than on the bottom of the cymbal (the bottom of it is just a hairline). The other crack is a hairline about 1/2 inch long.


Thanks for looking,


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