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.:Moving Sale!!:.

Aaron SS

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Moving Sale




All pedals/board/cables are basically mint/excellent condition. Package includes :


-Ernie Ball VP JR

-Boss TU-2

-HBE Medicine Bawl

-Limited Edition HBE Power Screamer (#26/100)

-MI Audio Tube Zone

-Frantone Peach Fuzz

-Sniper Modded Boss GE-7

-ISP Decimator

-EHX Holy Grail

-MXR Carbon Copy (bought less then a month ago)

-SIB Mr Echo

-Boss RC-2

-2 set of George L's (a week or so old)

-Pedaltrain Pro w/ soft case (a week or so old)


$1400 + shipping (do the math to realize its a hell of a deal) I am not splitting it up and the Xotic AC is NOT included. Most have the original boxes of which i can include.



Fender Highway 1 60th Anniversary Edition American Telecaster-recently had a professional fret level/crown/polish, has upgraded pickups (Bare Knuckle Pile Driver set worth about $300),includes fender gigbag. Minimal wear but not pristine, $775 shipped CONUS.



Xotic AC-limited edition chrome, excellent condition, $160 shipped CONUS


PodXT Live-near mint with 3 upgrade packs included (MS/CC/FX) $300 shipped CONUS


Dunlop 535q Wah-Good condition with a few blemishes (none of which effect functionality),$65 shipped CONUS


EHX English Muff'n-near mint with power supply, $150 shipped CONUS


EHX Holy Stain-near mint with power supply, $70 shipped CONUS


Toadworks Lil Leo-near mint, $75 shipped CONUS


Behringer FCB1010-near mint with manual, $100 shipped CONUS


MI Audio Crunchbox V2-near mint, $100 shipped CONUS


Avatar Traditional 4x12- Excellent shape,2 celestion v30's/2 celestion g12h30's,8 ohm, $300 + shipping


Carvin Legacy 4x12-Excellent condition, 4 UK made Celestion Greenbacks,16 ohm,slanted, $400 + shipping


All prices are shipped CONUS, paypal add fees, prices are firm, PM me thanks.

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I sent the payment of $160 for the
Xotic AC Boost. If you could PM or email some shipping info that be sweet. Also just a confirmation that you got the payment would be cool too. Thanksss


Got it thanks :thu:




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man, I would just sell everything separately. Its a hassle with shipping but you won't lose out on any money and you will get more sold. I doubt someone will want all of those pedals. If you're interested in selling the rc-2, please message me with a price. I really need one. Thanks and goodluck, Cody

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