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  1. A 72' twin has been my favorite amp versatility wise (with pedals) for years. It is definitely a heavy son of a gun, but it's more awkward than anything with its size and shape. I'm a big guy and competent at powerlifting/olympic lifting etc. and I'll admit that it's not an easy task to carry around, but I do say its well worth it. Years ago I owned the re-issue and although it sounded alright, it was very sterile so I searched for the silverfaces. There is a HUGE difference in my opinion. Perfect big, clean tone. I've attempted to try blackface deluxe, silverface etc. but they sound like babies with the one 12" speaker. For me, I have to have those two 12". Such a better sound with delays and the like. You can snag silverface twins for under 700 often nowadays, or check out a pro reverb. Similar, lower wattage, and lighter. p.s. I just saw this post on page one. Good choice with the pro. Hope you like it.
  2. So I ended up putting a 68' Jensen in there and it sounds great. Wonderful cleans, AWESOME hairy cleans, and roars when cranked. What a great amp. Perfect volume for recording, at home, and small gigs mic'd.
  3. Wow. Appreciate the response guys. I have a lot to check out.
  4. Thanks guys, exactly what I was wanting to know. I was speaking mainly of the twin reverb and super. The master volumes were actually added to some fenders in the early 70's. My twin is a 72' with a master volume and sounds great. I just figured the circuitry was possibly a little better for heavy modulation use. I was checking out a 65' twin at a local shop and it got me thinking.
  5. Forgot most of you are the ambient, atmospheric type. I love that stuff as well with my twin, but I'm talking straight Louisiana/delta blues here. I've never been a fan of the holy grails, but thanks. I'm gonna check out some clips of the chicklet.
  6. Looking for a good reverb to pair with my 56' Gibson Ga-40 blues machine. Let me know what you got. Thanks.
  7. Anyone have experience with using a bunch of delay, dirt, etc. with a blackface Twin or Super by chance?
  8. Thanks for the reply guys. There seems to be positives with going both vintage or new. Erskin, I do remember hearing about your love for the Big Ben though.
  9. Hey yawl. Haven't posted in a LONG time, but glad to be back. The current speaker in my 67' Gemini II is an old RAdioshack realistic 15". With that, it sounds very farty and crappier as the volume increases. So, I found a 68' Jensen at a local shop and was wondering if that'd be my key to tonal bliss, or would a Big Ben or something from Weber be better? I'm looking for great cleans on the lower half of the dial and smooth breakup on the upper half with great bass presence and definition. Ampeg gurus please chime in ASAP.
  10. Barbershop Overdrive-$125 shipped Dirty Little Secret V.1 (orange)- $110 shipped Pictures available upon request. Thanks.
  11. Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop Overdrive - $125 shipped (can send pictures if requested) Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret V.1 (Orange)- $110 shipped (pictures on request)
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