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Pedals for trade.


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Sup peeps. First off here's what i'm looking for-


fuzz factory, boss cs-2. mxr 10 band EQ.


I will trade +/- cash for the right stuff.


For trade.




keeley modded sparkle drive. Double the gain clearer high end. Velcro on back.


HBE Psilocybe, good shape velcro on back. no box. GONE


tc electronic vintage bass distortion. Awesome if you are a bass player. Best distortion for bass i've ever heard. No box, no velcro-(100 SHIPPED)


Brewster super overtone-ehx lpb clone. Great warm gain when cracked. GONE


snarling dogs black dog. No box. GONE


ibanez lo-fi. velcro on back, no box. Their boxes suck anyways. GONE


marshall bluesbreakerII and jackhammer. Velcro on BBII and the battery close won't stay closed because the screw snapped.-BluesBreaker GONE, jackhammer still here.


cry baby bass Q


Boss DR-5. Works well, good shape. Boss Power supply and manaul included-90


Devi Ever Aenima Pedal-75


Crews Maniac Sound Texas Tornado. TS9 clone i believe. Rare.-50



There if you have it. I'm open for stuff off the list so free to offer. Just trade ATM.

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ok dudes bought a DL-4 gonna need cash. I'm still up for trades but now i'm selling as well. Prices-


Sparkle Drive-120. Remember it's moded


marsall pedals (set)-55

TC electronic-100

DT10 tuner-45

Brewster Overtone-50

S. Dogs-40


prices are shipped. I'm going to assume the phaser is gone atm. I will update of course.

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