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The Spork: America's Gift to the World.


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Originally posted by dot-dot-dot

They do!

Click me!

sweet mother of God!!!:eek:

I guess that's gonna have to become number one on my coolest things this weekend, thus knocking hooking up with that hot chick who was in town to see my roommate to number two...:o

damn, this has been a good weekend!!:)

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Guest Anonymous

Originally posted by dot-dot-dot

Pah. The Japanese invented the fighting spork some 700 years ago, and then developed Goku-Sporku, the world's second deadliest martial art to go along with it.



It's true!



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as a former employee of KFC, and the inventor of the spork, i graciously, and humbly ask you to bow before me as your new king.

in the name of fried chicken, biscuits, and gravy.
our colonel
who fries in lard
hallowed be thy secret recipe
Thighs wings and drum(sticks)
Thy will be done in original or crispy
give us our taters, and our daily biscuit
and forgive us for not eating the coleslaw
lead us not in to popeyes
now deliver us some chicken.

stab me with a spork

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