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  1. Thanks for the pointers. I will admit that size will be a big thing, so even if they fit the budget, head and 2x10" cabs are still going to be a bit bigger than I would ideally like and has me wandering how well the 8" speaker practise amps will handle for home play? I see options like the Ashdown AA-30-8 and Tour Bus combos, the EBS classic session 30 or the (slightly bigger 10" speaker) Ampeg BA110. How do those sort of amps compare?
  2. I will have to start by admitting something shameful - despite having played for many years now, since I have only ever played at home I have been happy enough with playing through a guitar amp. Not perhaps the classical bass sound, but an interesting one none the less... However recently I discovered the existence of the Markbass Micromark 801 combo - a tiny little low wattage bass amp with an 8" speaker, but from the reviews one that does a superb job as a low volume bass amp suitable for home playing. From there I may have gone down the rabbit hole slightly further and noted that compared to when I started out playing and budget amps were pretty much universally junk, nowadays there actually seem to be some pretty solid options out there, certainly enough to satisfy the home bassist. So my question is really a request for help/information - what bass amps are worth looking at right now if I were to be looking for something on a strict budget (preferably much cheaper than the Markbass, and definitely no more expensive), low wattage suitable for home/apartment use, and of as small a size as is physically practical. If I could be as demanding as to put an additional request in, I will also admit a preference to more traditional amps, rather than modern digital/modelling kit. I can see a lot of small combos like the Ashdown tour bus, Orange crush or EBS combos, but I guess I am still wary of such little (and cheap) amps based on memories of the dreadful little guitar amps I remember playing through years ago... Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I can't really see how a multifx would permanently alter or damage an amp in any way. What I would wander about is how the multifx changed the amp when you did use it - in your case is it possible the multifx sucked away a lot of the treble frequencies (either naturally or via your settings on it), you got used to the altered sound and now when you have taken it out again your ears are expecting less treble than your amp put out before?
  4. In general any modifications to a high quality guitar are going to lower the value to some degree or another - you may strike lucky and find a buyer who wants your guitar with the modifications you have made, but you have also alienated all of the collectors who will want a guitar in stock condition. Especially with something like a PRS which comes from the factory with high end and desirable pickups (part of the 'PRS sound'). Rather than putting $150 worth of new pickups in a guitar increasing the value by $150, you are probably going to instead lower it to some degree or another. This is assuming a non-permanent modification - you could easily refit the original parts and have the guitar in stock form. If you were to make any permanent modifications like routing out pickup holes to fit larger pickups for example then you will have removed a decent chunk of the value - if I am spending that much money on a guitar, I don't want one someone has been altering (unless you are lucky enough to find the one buyer looking for a PRS altered in exactly the way you have done it). If the guitar can be put back to stock condition, then generally you will get the most money for it selling it as stock, and selling the aftermarket pickups separately.
  5. I have an old start copy, which I love playing, but the time has come for a bit of upgrading and fidgeting for it, but being awkward and cash strapped I have a few limits on parts and colours, so figured I would canvas some opinions on the best way to work with what I have and get the nicest looking guitar overall... I could waffle on about plans and theories, but to try and keep it simple: The guitar at the moment is a black strat, HSS with white pickups and pearloid pickguard. I have a humbucker for the bridge in cream/black (cream towards the bridge, black to the neck), and two single coils that I believe I should be able to get generic covers to alter the look of fairly easily, and for a change in look will probably swap out the pickguard for something a bit different (maybe a red/brown tortoiseshell?). That is where I am at the moment, what would you guys do in my situation? Put a cream pickup in the neck to match the bridge and a black middle one to 'hide' it? Make them all cream with a black pickguard to hide the black coil of the humbucker? I figure you guys will have the most experience with different guitars and what combinations are likely to work or not, so any opinions/thoughts?
  6. It's a choice of three, all bought around the same time in an order I cannot remember... So either my ProCo RatII, Marshall Bluesbreaker II or Dunlop Crybaby, all bought about 6/7 years ago
  7. Itunes really is probably the simplest option. I would leave your preferred media player as the default, and just keep a copy of itunes in the background where you can periodically refresh your library and switch out the music on the ipod.
  8. the included stuff is mostly doing fine for me - Safari for web, itunes for music, dvd for watching movies In addition I have also added: MS Office (alternatively Openoffice for free, which I was using until I got a free copy of MS Office) Adium (msn and other chat services) Max (cd ripping) Handbrake (dvd ripping) VLC (to allow the use of some video codecs) Canon DPP/Imagebrowser (basic image editing - only really useful if you are running a Canon D-SLR) GIMP (fancier image editing) Superduper (for keeping a bootable backup) Oh, and Command and Conquer 3 Out of those, they were pretty much all free, other than C&C, Superduper and MS Office (which was admittedly free to me - legally - my original plan was to use openoffice)
  9. I was introduced to Radiohead a week after they played here Thankfully I have gotten to see them live a few times since then, and can say they are definitely the best live band I have seen so far. Muse pulls off a bigger stage show, and someone like Reel Big Fish is pretty much guaranteed as a brilliant night, but Radiohead just hold the stage... On Pablo Honey, on its own it is a good album, but it just doesn't stand up to the following albums and what Radiohead have done since. I know they still play creep live (possibly the most sarcasm I have ever heard put into a song ) but I can't remember if anything else is still done.
  10. I have seen this done before with a brand of pedals I now cannot remember... They had their own pedals linked up so that the amp phantom powered the pedals through the input cable (with extra connection for power) - sadly it was only them that ever used it, so it only actually works if you use solely their amp and pedals... completely blanked ho the company actually are...
  11. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your opinion) the previous owner did decide it would be best with a JB humbucker in the bridge, and routed it in such a way the original bridge wouldn't cover all the routing, so I had to modify it some more I now have a tele with a strat neck pickup (original) and Duncan Phat Cat in the bridge, with somewhat 'classic' three way wiring. So nothing like a Donahue tele, but a stunning guitar all the same... Never actually heard Jerry Donahues playing yet though.
  12. The majority of the soundtrack is by a chap called John Murphy, though there are Grandaddy and Brian Eno tracks in there and I thnk one of the credit songs is by Blue States
  13. Some awesome shots here, MrSuperFly - those are some damn impressive shots, as is Saturnines landscape shot, beautifully done. Sadly no photo gear for christmas, other than a lens hood for my 35mm f2 I picked up today (ordered ages ago) Still having lots of fun with the 35mm f2 I bought for my 400d a month back, absolutely excellent lens for the pennies Photos are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/narcosynthesis/ if you woudld like a look, a few band shots from a while back, and this one of one of my basses...
  14. Get hold of a couple of external drives and you should be set. If you are going to be on the move and using various computers, I would keep the old drive at home as a backup, then buy a new drive to carry and use for your usual work. For portability I would be looking at a fairly small bus powered drive - easy to carry, and bus powered so you don't need the power adapter to run it. A quick check has 40-80gb drives fairly cheap. Small enough that they are pretty inexpensive, and still gives you some leeway in storage (a 20gb drive would be too easy to fill up if you are already using 18gb of it)
  15. For those interested in a kill switch... You want to wire a switch between the hot and ground wires in the guitar. Where exactly dosen't matter in relation to the other wiring, straight after the pickup, in the middle of the controls, whatever. The simplest place would probably be at the jack - wire one tag on the switch to the tip connection, one to the ring (the only two connections on a standard mono jack). You want it so that the switch is normally open, then when you switch it, it will connect together the hot and ground and kill all the sound. I have one wired in one of my guitars, and also a stompbox with a momentary and locking switch and that way seems to work perfectly, no popping or clicking or any other problems.
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