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Cheap vintage amps going on eBay


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Originally posted by ColorsoundKid

I am dying to get an old sound city 100 watter on the cheap. I want those colored knobs.



The colored knobs are not that common on the Mk IIIs. The Mk IVs have them usually. Also a 50+ is a 70s amp, not 60s. Still pretty amps, very nice shape.

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Originally posted by Oakland

had a ub45...nice little amp. strickly 60's classic rock and blues. kinda farty. tremolo never worked. nice practice amp.

wouldnt pay more than 80 bucks for it tho:)

if that.

Sounds like yours was broken, I was just jamming on mine and it's pretty sweet. Mine gets more crunchy and sounds killer cranked. It has a sweet alnico speaker, been re-capped and a slightly beefier OT put in so maybe that's why. The tremolo is awesome sounding and it's loud enough for jamming with a drummer no problem. Sure it's small but compared to a champ it's a monster.

Mine is the later series, Jon Hiller's is the older one. How many tubes does yours have Jon? I think they are pretty similar. Mine has one 12AX7 and two 6BM8 tubes which are basically a EL84 and half of a 12AX7, kinda like a pre/power tube in one.

Here's a clip of mine, not too farty:


there's some hum but that went away after I put a new 3 prong plug on it.

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