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  1. I got the manual, sold the soundcard years ago!
  2. Offers please... This is for the four footswitch pedals, MM4 and DL4 - the delay and modulation versions. I think they are discontinued now...
  3. Boss DD20 Giga Delay with Bespecco non-latching tap-tempo style footswitch. UK/Euro only. It's on eBay. Well used, but functioning perfectly. eBay link
  4. What it says! It's on eBay. Well used, but functioning perfectly. eBay link
  5. Hey Kid_A, glad you got stuff sorted out. I haven't been in here for years. Am listening to your new stuff, I like it, bit Smashing Pumpkins.
  6. Update: Laney has sold, the MM4 is on eBay, and the Guvnor will be going on soon! Edit: MM4 Sold too!
  7. See sig! If you're interested in the acoustic, PM me and I will sort pics...
  8. See sig! If you're interested in the acoustic, PM me and I will sort pics...
  9. in the idioteque snl performance, what is that big thing johnny is messing with. it looks like an old telephone switchboard. anybody know? Moog. They also had loads of Mellotron on OK computer, but I'm not too sure what that looked like...
  10. I've just had a look at the Visual Sound Website - I don't think I have what you need - I've got the Yamaha Keyboard adapter thingy... Sorry to raise your hopes for nowt... Had it in the jiffy bag and everything!
  11. I have a couple of adapters to change the normal 9v tip polarity. You can have one for nowt if you pm me your address. You just need to stick it on the end of your 9v power supply.
  12. Originally posted by GuyaGuy http://www.ebay.com/ Erm, yeah... Tried actually searching recently? (.co.uk that is)
  13. Originally posted by session_of_jam Does the Line6 MM-4 use the same algorithms as the POD? I always thought the POD's effects section was as good as any. Perhaps the modulation effects in conjunction with the delay is what you need. I gotta delay... No, the MM4 is good as it goes, but you can't chain effects, there are only 4 presets, and pitchshifting/octave stuff is kindof what I'm after...
  14. I've got a Line 6 MM4 and it's not cutting it... Not versatile enough. I need - tremuoo, pitchshifting, phaser, flanger... Could also do with some other bells and whistles... Don't need amp or distortion sims, though I don't mind if they are there and I don't use them... I've thought about a Yamaha Magicstomp, but they're discontinued... Recommends?
  15. Originally posted by red_riviera Ebay auctions ending today! Oh crap - I want loads of your stuff, but I just moved house and now it's Xmas, so no toys for Jez... I want the RPS10, and the GK2A and the rickenbacker...
  16. Yeah, I'm looking for something to use just for my hifi. How much you want for it? Originally posted by JBJ this is a bit random but i found a 6 gig sony walkman mp3 player in the pub last night. was just lying on the floor, asked around to see if anyone had dropped it and no one had so i've basically got it now.... anyone interested? it doesnt have phones a charger or the software....
  17. This is a nice pedal, a Pearl Analog Delay AD-08. Up to 400ms delay time, and wet and dry controls, so you can take original guitar signal right out. Incidentally, I am putting on eBay tonight!
  18. I am putting a Pearl Analog Delay AD-08 on eBay tonight. Am selling to US too! This is a nice pedal, up to 400ms delay time, and wet and dry controls, so you can take original guitar signal right out.
  19. Peal Analog Delay going on eBay tonight....
  20. Originally posted by Vince No, but I wish it was. I'm thinking on finishing my Hayseed like it. Good choice? Very good choice. You getting Alnico speakers in it?
  21. Originally posted by hope is here! My point is that I believe (along with a lot of others) that the Klon is hyped and that the Price and Un-availablility make it more desireable than pedal performance alone. I'm not out to bash the klon at all. I just think it would be an interesting little test that could provide some surprising results. I played a KLON in a London shop not very long ago. It was good - but then we were playing at shop levels, and it was hard to tell if another boost would have done anything different. It did sound very lush and full. On the other hand, it was a great guitar with a great amp... i got the impression that it was a very nice sounding boost circuit, with some very clever EQing. So if you A/Bed it with another boost, it would sound a lot better. However, if you spent a few hours fiddling with a good boost and a good EQ you'd probably come close. However, if you're going to spend that time and money trying to sound like a KLON you may as well just buy one. YMMV
  22. Wow, Vince, that's a georgeous AC30 in yr sig, is it yours?
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