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I am after some new headphones for my walkman, the problem is what...

Currently I use a set of sony in ear ones, which do the job nicely and sound fairly decent, just I want a change, the annoyance of having to keep up with background noise (ie having to listen to it fairly loud when you are waiting for the bus on a busy street) and then having to change the volumes every time you move - quiet street - bus - louder street - bus - quiet street - inside somewhere, etc...


I looked at some big assed headphones (of which I don't know the technical name...), which look to be great as far as sound quality and cutting out some of the background noise (a little is always good for safety) but to be honest, they are a bit bulky and awkward to cart around all day, I can easily stick my set of in ears in my pocket, no can do with a big set...


I was recommended the Senheisser HD202's as being a solid set of headphones, nice and cheap, sound decent, do the job well, sorted, just theres still the problem of bulk the rest of the time


So any ideas as to what else I could try? say up to about

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