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  1. i gots one - sold a few bits to get it but i totally love how it plays, feels, sounds, looks. made me realise its better to have one guitar you love than a few that you like. i just love playing it. mine came with the blank red guard but i got the roses one put in (so it looks exactly like the one here off the website). my little girls name is ruby rose so its kinda special.
  2. i just realised i've basically sold everything and started again this year. i've ended up with some epic purchases though: - budda superdrive II 18 - trussart deluxe steelcaster - martin 000-28h feel like i've found the main bits i've been looking for for a long time.
  3. i guess i'm kinda looking for a us strat - or a tele. oh - and i have a usa liberty dobro - beautiful shiny thing.
  4. Cherry Sunburst, '96, excellent condition (only a couple of very fine buckle scratches) - 9/10, with plush Gibson hardcase.
  5. I'm moving back to oztralia so must part with some dearly loved items. Budda Superdrive II 18 Watts of minty tone goodness.
  6. Budda Superdrive II 18 - Perfect condition - I wouldn't sell this but I'm moving back to Oz so I have to sell it. This thing sounds so damn good I will cry when it gets sold.
  7. hiya folks!!! i been more into writing and playing and stuff and having a kid and life. used to love the crew in this place. still keep in touch with fern.
  8. happy days - yesterday i received a couple of pedals. the first a used germania treble booster. i know i'm late to the party here but hell this thing just sings. plugged into the clean(ish) channel of my budda superdrive II its just the sound i've been looking for. backing off on the guitar volume it just adds a bit of presence - cranking it up its just immense. a lovely sound. and for
  9. i like that wunjo store thats just popped up there recently. they tell you to pick up the guitars and play them as you walk through the door.
  10. they could easily buy a search application / server. sometimes things are only as hard as the amount of money you're prepared to put into them.
  11. Originally posted by RoboPimp I hear ya man, I booked my first solo acoustic show for the end of Nov. and I'm a little nervous myself. I'm used to having a band of really good musicians to cover my ass. good luck. actually when i say solo i've actually got another guitarist covering me as well so i can concentrate on the vox and stuff - so i'm chickening a bit.
  12. i've got my first solo acoustic gig this sunday night - quite excited / nervy. i've got a few things on - dates and tunes here for london folks.
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