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Shoutout to craftswitch for super-fast delievery of Zoom Driver 5000 pedal~!

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He put that thing in the mail immediately after I sent the payment via Paypal and had excellent communication from start to end~!


After just trying out the Sansamp GT-2 for the first time the other night (I used to have the Sansamp PSA-1 preamp), I think the Zoom Driver sounds heavier and sounds a little better for leads, though I'm not sure it'll do very good low-gain tones. But that's not what I wanted it for. :D


I bought another one previously off another forumite here but sold it when I had a Peavey 5150 amp and thought I'd never be without it. This pedal sounds about as close to a 5150 tone as I imagine a SS pedal can, though it's a little more compressed. But it can open up some while still retaining all its heaviness. Pretty cool pedal, and I like it FAR better than the Tri Metal I paid $20 for at a local Guitar Center and ended up giving away. Just my preference, and I want to give the Hyper Lead a try someday, but I'm happy to have stumbled on this one again. :cool:


Thanks again to craftswitch~!

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