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Let me rate your girlfriend/wife...


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Originally posted by silvrcrank

i got banned a long time ago. i got a warning from slehman and decided i would take the opportunity to let him know what i thought about the board and how it was run. i sort of banned myself, actually. anyway, Phil was kind enough to reinstate me on the condition of good behavior.

Got it!
Poor Phil....He has been busy of late!
Welcome back to the storm!
I have just seen a way better avatar than my one that got offed....Still in use.

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Originally posted by paulintheuk

Matter Eater

Your comment about my ex has been kinda eating away at me... I don't think it's justified at all and I feel a little {censored}ed off about it...

How would you like me saying something like that about someone you used to care about?

{censored} you've got my fists itching...

She's your ex, WTF do you care? Sorry I speak the truth as I see it and not butter it up as is the fashion these days. Ugly is ugly.

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Wow, I'm actually shocked that the first person to get bent out of shape in this thread got so over a comment about an EX gf...

Anyways, I stand by my decision to hit every single thing posted in this thread. Honest, I would...

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Originally posted by Matter-Eater Lad

Here's a picture of someone I used to "care about" as you say. I fully admit now,
. No two ways about it. I didn't think so at the time but with some distance things become so clear.



I find her "agreeable"

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Matter-Eater lad

maybe I should apologise, comments came at the end of bad day so I got more wound up then I normally would, normally I'm so chilled out I'm near horizontal :)

And yeah she's my ex, but we parted on good terms after 5 years and she's a really nice person, even if not the best looking girl I've dated by a long stretch.

Guess I was feeling angry and touchy so took offense.

No hard feelings I hope.

PS. I agree about your ex, that sure is rough (but love is blind) :)

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