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Whats A Good Rack-Mount Harmonizer Unit?

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The IPS-33 (not the 33b) is the only rack processor I've seen go for under $150. For around $250+/- you have a lot more options like the ISP-33b, DHP-33, DHP-55, and the Studio 5000 all from Digitech/IVL.


If all you really need is a harmonizer the BOSS PS-5 or the HR-2 (if you can find one) would probably get the job done for $150.

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Originally posted by Sigel_TTD

Wait, so a phase shifter can be programed as a harmonizer? So I dont need to buy a harmonizer if I have a G-major?


I think you may be confused...this is a PS-5.





And this is a HR-2, I believe that they were discontinued years ago.


The G-Major doesn't have a intelligent harmonizer it has a chromatic pitch shifter...big difference.

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