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Tell me all about the reel echo.


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I like mine a lot. It's not as good as my Diamond Memory Lane, but then again, what is? :)


The slider can be a bit tricky to fine-tune; especially for shorter / slapback delay times, and especially if you want to try to match a tempo, and there is no tap tempo option. The SOS is not something I use very often... but the basic delay tone is good, and you can muck it up a bit with the tube / solid state switch as well as with the wow and flutter / warble (although that can sound a bit like a weak chorus). While it's a digital pedal, it does have an analog character to the delay tone. For about a buck and a quarter, it's a good deal IMHO.


Mine will probably come off my mod / delay board this year and get put on to a new / small gig board. Not that it doesn't do what I want, but I need the board real estate for other things, so I plan on replacing it on that board with a smallish analog delay like a AD-9 or DM-2 or something similar.

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