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DIY double build...octave BEFORE or AFTER fuzz?


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I have a few of the toadworks enclosures coming in, theyre big enough to do some cool double rehouses.....


SOOooo if I pickup an octave pedal and stick it in with a cheapo distortion or fuzz, what order should it go in?


I used to own an octafuzz, but I don't know what came first: the Octa or the Fuzz?


ANybody have a clue?


This group of projects will include the 3-knob chicken salad and fab echo with variable time.....

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well thanx, I mean I know what you CAN do.....I see you've proved anything is possible, nice board....EHX heaven.


But what I'm trying to figure out is how to keep the sound of each pedal intact.


Example: when you distort a phaser, then the phasing effect becomes much more subdued, whereas when you phase distortion, then the phaser is up front, and you still hear the distortion...


Can an octave effect still track a DISTORTED signal?


i'm not sure if fuzz or distortion would change the signal so much that the octaver wouldn't be able to track....I'm sure the fuzz or distortion would work AFTER the octaving, but would it turn it into a nasty mush and neutralize the octave effect?


Maybe I shoulda asked if anybody knows in what order this pair of effects is USUALLY in, in effects like the octavia, octafuzz, etc.



how do you guys run octave type effects in relation to distortion?


and how does either order sound?

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