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Original Tech 21 XXL worth fixing?

Hua and a tele

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First I'd try giving them a call. Very good people at Tech 21. They might fix it for free or just shipping. I have a load of Tech 21 gear and IMO the XXL is agreat sounding pedal. It just might be one of those pedals people will be looking for 10 years from now.


My Tech 21 stuff;

Trademark 60

Power Engine 60


Trademark 10 (recently sold)




American Woman

Sansamp Classic

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I used my XXL (2nd gen AND Chrome) and I loved how it sounded with SS amps, somehow it not oh so super duper with my voxy tubes...but that's just an oxymoron isn't it?


why I still love the XXL even if I seldom use it? great for pinch harmonics, fat sag sound!!! beats gramma's tits any time!

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