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Is the Pedal Power 2 worth the extra 60 bucks over the DC Brick?


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because you're bitching about taking up jacks and since we all know the brick is a 1spot pretty much... i dont get what you are getting at bro? are you saying the brick is better?




what i'm getting at is that the right tool for the job is the right tool for the job.


if one daisy chains w/the PP2, advantage of isolated outputs is at least partially nulled. stringing together outputs and daisy chaining is certainly an option, but at that point, the only thing the PP2 offers is advantage in theory, ad copy, and extras some have no need for. switchable to 12.2vDC? dont need/want. Outputs 5-6 switchable to unregulated, 200mA each (for Line 6 modelers) --- no need, not ever. battery sag? again, no need.


of course, the nulling may have no perceivable affect on sonics, in which case one could say then that the PP2 must then be the better choice, because it has isolated outs, etc. OTOH, if the brick also delivers no perceivable affect on sonics (as i;ve seen in 4yrs of schlepping it all over town with a stack of stomps), yet delivers the needed voltages without any added adaptors and daisy chaining, and no cost for unneeded bull{censored}, then how exactly is it a lesser choice?



while 18v may not be the most needed power supply, its need by some doesnt make it any lesser of a choice (one could argue just the opposite in many instances, regarding many drives and certain modulation particularly). the mxr/bradshaw unit offers 4 18v drops, and was released yrs after the brick, presumably illustrating that somebody is asking for 18v.


so one can buy a power supply designed to deliver multiple 18v drops if needed, and that'd be a logical choice, right tool for the job, at least until proven otherwise. or one could buy a power supply for its rep, and not be able/not need to take advantage of the advantages.


if one uses more than X number of pedals, then again the PP2 isnt necessarily the best tool for the job. best at some things, and perfectly mediocre at others. honestly, i dont think the guys that designed it would have any prob saying that either; their supply wasnt designed for all apps, it was designed for particular apps like velcroboys, and the pedal-usin populace at large.



the brick is not a rehoused one-spot (even excluding the 18v), although the particulars are eluding me at the moment (there was a threads several weeks back detailing some certain difference, maybe differences). there are similarities, but its more like 3 tiers of power supplies (pp2-brick-1spot) rather than just 2 (pp2-all else), from a design point of view --- and while that may stand in the face of all interweb speculation (largely propagated by 15yr olds), what the {censored} do i care when my power supply has yet to fail, and it delivers exactly what i need, and none of what i dont?.


perhaps it was digi switching? maybe andreas or brian marshall will chime in with the details.



whatever is needed is whats needed, is all i'm saying, even if its taking me forever. lamborghini makes a real nice ride, but it sucks ass if you;re trying to move furniture, or take 3 teenagers to football practice. at that point the lowly dodge caravan, arguably a suckier vehicle in almost every regard, would be the absolute best choice (between the two), as sucky a proposition as that may seem.

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