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  1. Running in Hi top chucks are the only shoes that don't {censored} up my body. I actually lol'd! fantastic.
  2. I have a pair and I love them so much. I'd wear them everyday if their smell wasn't so offensive. as it is, I wear them just to run. I don't have the socks. you can throw them in the washing machine. glorious!
  3. What instrument is that based off of? ? but he is dead so much wtf in this thread it's awesome, for the record.
  4. About to pick one up, I currently have an OCD and a Maxon OD-808 (though I'll likely be getting rid of that one...) but no other dirt. I want some fuzz. what fuzz pedals work great with a classic 30? which are to be avoided? thanks!
  5. underoath but seriously. "We know you said, you said there was nothing left down here. Well, I roamed around the wasteland and I swear I found something. I found hope, I found God. I found the dreams of the believers, the dreams of the believers. Oh God, save us all." they also kick ass in concert. fantastic.
  6. I went because A: I wanted to go B: I was interested in learning more about the subject regardless of whether on not there might be a job at the end... there wasn't but I don't feel like I wasted a moment of my time, in fact I still look at back at it as some of the best, fun and interesting times of my life. I totally agree. OP, what's your major? I'm an english/journalism major and I LOVE it. absolutely love it.
  7. I saw them for free at amoeba in hollywood for their most recent album release, eh. didn't really do much for me. they have a couple catchy tunes, but beyond that I didn't find much value in their music. but I know plenty of people who are big fans.
  8. Bloc Party, for sure. The only reason I listen to them anymore is to hear the drummer. but the rest of the band usually ruins it for me. also, I read the comments about Pelican, noticed I had that album in my itunes, started playing it and started lol'ing instantly. "I was offended by how {censored}ty his drumming was." classic. love it.
  9. wow, I'm actually tempted.. pictures can be taken. audio can be recorded. hcfx can know the true AC.
  10. sorry for the slight hijack, what are the live issues with the memory boy, fenderEHX? I just got one, and this is my first time hearing of any issues in a live setting. hmmmm...
  11. like new maxon od808 with box/manuals/etc. $120 shipped?
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